Music Directing

Our professional music directors are an extension of your band - an extra set of eyes & ears - who will help take your performance to the next level & identify performance issues before you hit the stage. They will work with you to address core concepts listed below.

  • Show Prep

    • Working with the artist directly to define a vision for the show and putting together a setlist, arrangements & moments that support that vision

    • Preparing the band to ensure rehearsal is spent perfecting the show and not learning the songs

    • Identifying technological needs of the show such as backing tracks, monitoring, mixing & other equipment

  • Rehearsal

    • Refining the set with the band to solidify parts, tones & flow

    • Working with the artist to fine-tune vocal performance, stage presence & audience connection

    • Working with an audio engineer to establish & polish the final live mix

To realize your show's full potential with the guidance of a seasoned professional ,