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FAQs & House Rules

House Rules

We trust you to follow these simple rules to help Little Giant maintain a safe & creative environment. By booking with us, you agree to the following...

1. Only bring people to the studio that you'd invite to your home. You take full responsibility for the room, its contents and the people you allow in during your booking.

2. We are a smoke-free venue. No smoking or vaping anywhere inside the building. We'll charge you if anyone in your session breaks this rule. This charge increases if a fire alarm is activated. Smoking must be done outside of the building.

3. Close the doors. Keep doors closed to reduce sound bleed and respect other creatives in the studios.

4. Little Giant has a zero-tolerance drugs policy. Anyone found to be using drugs, or illegal substances will be banned. Cameras are monitored 24/7.

5. Keep a dry zone around the equipment. Drinks and equipment don't mix. If there are any spills, clean them up right away. Paper towels & cleaning products can be found in the studio.

6. Be considerate. At the end of your session, take all trash with you, reset the studio equipment & lock the door. When leaving the studio in the evening, please respect our neighbors by staying quiet.

7. Report any issues ASAP. If anything breaks during your session, please let us know via text/call immediately. Extra charges will be added if you don't at least attempt to contact us.

8. If you need more time, please contact us to determine if the time is available. Overages will be charged for staying well past your booked time at a rate of $20 per 30 min.


What's in the room?


  • Behringer X32 digital mixer

  • Five 12" floor monitors

  • Six SM58 microphones

  • Fender Blues Deluxe 40w Guitar Combo

  • Vox AC15 Guitar Combo

  • TC Electronics 500w bass head w/ 1x15 cabinet

  • 5-piece Sonor Force 3007 Drum Set

  • Sabian B8 Cymbals & full hardware package

  • 88-key Williams electric piano

  • Floor uplighting

  • Tall floor lamp and accent lighting

Other stuff:

  • lounge area

  • mini fridge with water

  • TV

  • phone tripod for recording performances

  • bathroom

How far in advance do I need to book?

You can book a studio online as soon as 24 hours before your rehearsal date. Contact us for same day bookings, as they're dependent on our availability. Existing reservations will be displayed on the calendar as unavailable times.

What do I need to bring?

First & foremost, make sure you have access to the check-in instructions in your booking email, and studio passcode text message (sent the day of your rehearsal) on-hand before you head to Little Giant.

Singers can bring their own mic if preferred (6 mics/stands are provided). Guitarists/Bassists will need instruments & pedalboards. Keyboardists can bring their own board if they'd like (1 keyboard is provided). Drummers will need sticks & any preferred breakables (5-piece kit, cymbals, snare & pedal are provided). DJs, bring cables for whatever inputs you need (1/4" or XLR).

Where are you?

Little Giant is located at 100 Asteroid Way Pittsburgh PA 15210, right behind Bottlerocket Social Hall and a block from Black Forge Coffee.

How do I get to the studio?

Both the building & studio use passcodes for access. Check-in instructions will be sent to your email at booking. The studio passcode will be texted to you on the day of your rehearsal.

What if I can't make it?

Contact us at least 24 hrs before your reservation if you need to change the time or date - that's free! For cancellations less than 24 hrs before your reservation, we can't offer a refund (unless an emergency - approved on a case-by-case basis).

What's the minimum age for booking a studio?

You need to be 18 years or older to book with us. 

Anyone under 18 who wishes to use the studio will need to attend with an adult who made the booking and they must be present for the duration of the booking. We are self-service and do not have any staff on-site to supervise minors.

Can I leave my gear in the studio?

No. We provide backline so you only need minimal gear for each rehearsal. Furthermore, we are not liable for any gear or personal belongings that are left behind in the room.  The only potential exception is if you are booking consecutive daily rehearsals or auditions. Contact us for those. 

Are your studios pet-friendly?

No. Unfortunately, we do not allow pets of any kind on-site, so please leave your furry friends at home. We do welcome guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs.

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